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US parents went their children to be critical thinkers

It is very encouraging to read that, in a recent report by Brookings (, the vast majority of adults in the US believe that children

Critical thinking needed for success

In a recent publication by the Brookings Institute, ‘Competencies for the 21st century’, the importance of these competencies has been stressed. As it explains, ‘The

critical thinking and Martin Luther-King

These current difficult times very much emphasise that we need critical thinking more and more in order to make well-considered judgements and decisions. Unfortunately, we

critical thinking and the law

An article in ‘The Times’ of 29 October looks at the growth of AI in the field of law (‘Warning: the robots are coming’). The

New Schools of Thought

In a feature recently published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the future of higher education is examined. It is argued that ‘Like every industry, higher

Critical Thinking Online Course

The launch of our online course in critical thinking is especially significant in the current difficult time, with many learners needing to making use of

videos now with Portuguese subtitles

The two videos on critical thinking that are already on this website can now be seen with Portuguese subtitles. They are already available in this

online course in critical thinking

We have produced an online course in critical thinking. This was developed with a business and management focus, such that most of the examples and

critical thinking in Singapore

I have recently returned from Singapore where I worked with teachers in high schools, junior colleges, and polytechnics. As usual, there was considerable enthusiasm for

videos on critical thinking

We have created two videos that are available on this site. One looks at the skills that critical thinking provides; the other presents some recent

arguing is natural

A recent article in ‘New Scientist’ (‘The Argumentative Ape’, 26 May 2012) looks at the idea that humans have evolved as a species in which

free critical thinking resources

We shall soon be offering free downloadable resources on this website. These resources will be available for four different groups: those who are interested in

Critical Thinking and US universities

A recent book by Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa ‘Academically Unfit: Limited Learning on College Campuses’ has argued that over a third of America’s university

Critical Thinking in Singapore

We were working again in Singapore in November, conducting workshops with teachers in various Junior Colleges, and also speaking to parents about the value of

Community Critical Thinking is Here

If…then are delighted to announce we’ve recently gone social with the setup of our brand new Twitter and Facebook pages. You can now keep totally up to date with

Critical Thinking and decision-making

We are involved with a Suffolk-based organisation which works with a wide range of young people. Having provided two sessions of staff training, we are

Critical Thinking and the economy

This week’s announcement of the Nobel prize for economics to Professors Sims and Sargent for their work on how economies function highlights the importance of

Critical Thinking in business

On the Harvard Business Review website of 27 September, we find the article ‘Learn how to think different(ly)’. This argues for the virtues of thinking differently for

Critical Thinking in India

We have recently been working with teachers in schools in India. It is interesting how similar issues come up in terms of how Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking as a necessary skill

In the UK’s ‘Times Education Supplement’ of 18 February, an article by Dale Bassett of the think-tank ‘Reform’ looks at the issue of what should

Critical Thinking in Hong Kong

In the UK’s ‘Times Education Supplement’ of 28 January, there is an article on education in Hong Kong. This country’s remarkably high performance in the

Critical Thinking needed in education

A recent book (‘Not for Profit: Why Democracy Needs the Humanities’) by the notable US philosopher Martha Nussbaum stresses that critical thinking should be central

Primary School Pilot

A pilot of our materials for primary students (Yrs 2-6) is starting in various schools in the UK (and will also be trialled in other