If…then provides a wide range of services for a variety of organisations, including schools, colleges, companies and public bodies.

We can provide all of the following services to organisations throughout the world.

Staff Training

Professional development for teachers & staff

Student Courses

Courses for students from age 4 upwards


Consultancy in implementing a critical thinking programme in a school, college, business, or other organisation

Resource Production

Production of dedicated resources for a school, college, business, or other organisation

Here are some examples of the work we have done.

Many schools and colleges have asked us to provide in-house training for their staff, preferring the bespoke service that we can offer to the one-size-fits-all approach of other companies.

We were asked to produce a course in critical thinking for the staff of a large voluntary organisation, so that their skills in evaluating information, report-writing, and decision-making were improved.

A few years ago, we were asked to design and produce a course combining critical thinking and Religious Education for a large Catholic secondary school. This was then used throughout the school’s sixth form.

We designed and delivered a course in critical thinking as part of the training programme for the middle-management tier of a large plc.

We have produced magazines for schools both in this country and in Singapore. Such magazines can be bespoke, thereby linking critical thinking to local contexts.

We have designed a critical thinking programme for Kindergarten children in Singapore.

Roy van den Brink-Budgen has delivered lectures on creativity and critical thinking to both academic and business groups in Malaysia.

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