Critical Thinking provides a very important set of skills for commercial and other organisations. If…then can provide staff training in Critical Thinking, producing bespoke courses to suit the needs of the organisation.

We have teamed up with internationally renowned Executive Coach, Pete Freeman, ( to provide a powerful combination of critical thinking and business coaching.

There is significant evidence of the need for critical thinking development in business and other organisations. (For example, critical thinking is listed by OECD as the top applied skill in their report on ’Top skills for the 21st century’. In addition, both the McKinsey 2021 ‘Future Citizens Skills Report’ and that of the World Economic Forum [2020] show it to be the top skill needed in business.) This emphasis on the need for critical thinking skills in business contrasts with reports of them not necessarily being in evidence among staff. (For example, in a Harvard Business Review article of 2019, it is shown that a majority of managers reported that critical thinking was the one ‘soft’ skill that new graduates lacked.) (It is significant that increasingly the term ‘soft skills’ is being replaced by ‘power skills’, a change that very much reflects the nature and significance of critical thinking.)

This evidence on both the value of critical thinking and the frequent lack of it makes a compelling case for companies and other organisations to look at developing it at all levels. 

Together with Freeman Coaching, we can provide a range of different services and products to both develop critical thinking skills with staff at all levels and to apply these with staff to a number of scenarios and processes (including decision-making). In addition, in 2022, we will be offering a range of assessments in critical thinking that can be used for both selection and development of staff.

Please contact us for more details on both business coaching opportunities (using critical thinking) and on the critical thinking assessment programme.


Skills in clear thinking

Skills in creative thinking

Skills in analytical thinking

Skills in evaluative thinking

Skills in producing well-organised reports, proposals, policy statements, and so on

Decision-making is a particular area in which Critical Thinking can provide very useful skills. These are:

Clarification of the outcome to be achieved

Production of the range of choices

Selection of criteria to assess choices

Evaluation of the relevance of evidence in applying the criteria

Justifying the decision

The Skills of Critical Thinking

Roy van den Brink-Budgen explains the skills of critical thinking and how students can benefit from having these.

Critical Thinking – Issues of training and creativity

Roy van den Brink-Budgen looks at some research on the training of teachers in critical thinking, and also how creative thinking is a central part of critical thinking.

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