An Introduction

If…then is a UK-based company which has been active in Critical Thinking since 2003. During this time, its services and products have been used extensively in various organisations, including schools, colleges, universities, businesses, and other organisations, in various countries.

We allow Critical Thinking to develop freely, by stressing its hugely creative potential.

Unrivalled experience in independent, team and organisational training

Staff Training

Professional development for teachers & staff

Student Courses

Courses for students from age 4 upwards


Consultancy in implementing a critical thinking programme in a school, college, business, or other organisation

Resource Production

Production of dedicated resources for a school, college, business, or other organisation

Critical Thinking for


If…then can provide staff training in Critical Thinking, producing bespoke courses to suit the needs of the organisation.

Critical Thinking for


We have considerable experience not only in the training of teachers and lecturers, but also in the creation of resources for learners.

Critical Thinking development

If…then ltd has been active in the field of Critical Thinking for almost twenty years. It is renowned for its considerable experience and innovation in providing teaching, training, assessment development, and production of learning materials

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