Critical Thinking in business

On the Harvard Business Review website of 27 September, we find the article ‘Learn how to think different(ly)’. This argues for the virtues of thinking differently for entrepreneurs and executives. It gives some information on a study carried out on thinking differently. Not suprisingly, it found that innovators (of new businesses, products, and processes) spend almost 50 per cent more time trying to think differently compared to non-innovators. But the really worrying statistic is that ‘sixty to eighty per cent of adults find the task of thinking different uncomfortable and some even find it exhausting.’

In a response to the article, a contributor makes the point that ‘becoming a “Thinking-enabled Enterprise” should be part of every business strategy.’ In this connection Critical Thinking is commended as a way of producing such an enterprise. ‘Thinking more, thinking better, and thinking differently confers tremendous business advantage.’ At if…then, we do, of course, very much agree.

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