The Essential Guide to Critical Thinking (Audio)

This audio package provides an excellent introduction to Critical Thinking. It takes you through all the skills that you need to develop effective thinking in looking at arguments. It will be very useful not only for students wishing to develop their thinking skills in any subject, but also for anyone who wishes to develop these skills to use in any context.

The Essential Guide to critical Thinking covers all of the following:

  • What is Critical Thinking?
  • Building up arguments
  • Using and misusing evidence
  • Identifying more weaknesses in arguments
  • From claims to arguments
  • Unravelling arguments to find the missing bits
  • Identifying weaknesses in arguments
  • Looking at special types of arguments

You will receive the files in a compressed folder, within the folder will be 8 MP3 files to listen to at your leisure, please follow the files from 1 to 8.