Critical thinking and the future of education and training

In the field of education and training, the current pandemic has highlighted the issue of the future of universities. In a recent book ‘The New Long Life: A Framework for Flourishing in a Changing World’, Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott, professors at London Business School, argue that, even before the pandemic, ‘the traditional three-stage life […]

The new world of online education and training

There has been much discussion recently about the increased use of online teaching in education. Given that we have recently launched an online course in critical thinking, it is good to see that this method is increasingly being used. However, there is an important distinction to be made between what has recently been described as […]

New Schools of Thought

In a feature recently published by The Economist Intelligence Unit, the future of higher education is examined. It is argued that ‘Like every industry, higher education is facing disruptions. Institutions will need to find new and innovative ways to deliver education in order to meet the needs of parents, students and society as a whole.’ […]

author Harlan Coben and critical thinking

In the ‘Financial Times’ of 23 May, there was an interview with Harlan Coben (author of 32 novels, including the Myron Bolitar series and whose novel ‘The Stranger’ has been turned into a TV series for Netflix). In the interview he explains that he went to Amherst College in Massachusetts where ‘they taught critical thinking […]

Critical Thinking Online Course

The launch of our online course in critical thinking is especially significant in the current difficult time, with many learners needing to making use of online resources. In addition, of course, the value of the skills of critical thinking has a particular significance, given the need for decisions, at so many levels, to be made […]

videos now with Portuguese subtitles

The two videos on critical thinking that are already on this website can now be seen with Portuguese subtitles. They are already available in this form on You Tube, and will also be on our website shortly. The skills of critical thinking. (Portuguese Subtitles) Critical thinking: Issues of training and creativity. (Portuguese Subtitles)

talk on developing critical and creative thinking

When I was presenting at the International Conference on Thinking in Wellington, New Zealand, in January 2013, I was asked to speak on critical thinking for a short video. In this video I talk about the central importance of creativity to critical thinking. It can be found on the website You can find it […]

online course in critical thinking

We have produced an online course in critical thinking. This was developed with a business and management focus, such that most of the examples and exercises use international evidence from business and management. The lead customer has been the University of Lancaster Management School (in the UK), and the course is now ready for schools, […]

critical thinking in Singapore

I have recently returned from Singapore where I worked with teachers in high schools, junior colleges, and polytechnics. As usual, there was considerable enthusiasm for critical thinking amongst them, with a high degree of interest in looking at how it can be infused into the curriculum. The magazine that I produce for upper primary students […]

videos on critical thinking

We have created two videos that are available on this site. One looks at the skills that critical thinking provides; the other presents some recent evidence on how teachers should deliver critical thinking to their students, and also looks at the place of creativity within critical thinking.