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Critical Thinking to be taught at the New College of Humanities

New university will teach critical thinking to all its students.
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Critical Thinking primary school pilot materials

Feedback coming in for the Critical Thinking materials for primary schools
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Children’s need for critical thinking

The value of critical thinking in encouraging a sceptical approach to the mass of information available to children has recently been emphasised in a new book.
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Critical Thinking as a necessary skill

Critical Thinking seen as central to giving students skills.
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Letter on Critical Thinking in the TES

Letter on Critical Thinking in Hong Kong and Singapore published.
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Critical Thinking in Hong Kong

The importance of Critical thinking in Hong Kong’s education programme
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Critical Thinking needed in education

Critical thinking is seen in a recent book as being central to what education should be doing.
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Primary School Pilot

A pilot of our materials for primary students (Yrs 2-6) is starting in various UK schools.
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