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Critical Thinking CDs

The Essential Guide to Critical Thinking

This CD-Rom covers all of the central skills of Critical Thinking.

  • What is Critical Thinking?
  • From claims to arguments
  • Building up arguments
  • Unravelling arguments to find the missing bits
  • Using and misusing evidence
  • Identifying weaknesses in arguments
  • Identifying more weaknesses in arguments
  • Looking at special types of arguments

The CD can be used on PCs for both the graphic and the audio material. In addition, the soundfiles can be downloaded on to MP3 players.

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£5.00 inc free P&P. Please contact us for more details.

Critical Thinking Games


‘Infer’ is a card game. It can be used in many different situations, including home, school and college, and organisations. It is a game in which skills in being able to argue are rewarded.

It develops skills

  • in inference
  • in analysing arguments
  • in evaluating arguments
  • in producing arguments

Each pack can be played by up to five people. The age range is 12 upwards.

The first pack is on the subject of violent computer games.

Each pack costs £5.00. With p&p, the prices are as follows:1 pack = £8.00, 2 packs = £13, 3 packs = £18.00, 4 packs = £23.00. Please note five packs or more are subject to a discount. Please contact us for more details. Non-UK customers, please contact us for relevant prices.