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Texas Republicans want to ban critical thinking

The Republican Party of Texas includes in its 2012 election campaign the opposition to critical thinking. ‘We oppose the teaching of…critical thinking skills and similar programs that…have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs’. So fixed beliefs are good? …
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arguing is natural

A recent article in ‘New Scientist’ (‘The Argumentative Ape’, 26 May 2012) looks at the idea that humans have evolved as a species in which arguing (making a case) is an essential feature of the way in which we interact …
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putting limits on the value of decision-making

Most congressional hearings in the US do not have a single female witness.
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Community Critical Thinking is Here

If…then are delighted to announce we’ve recently gone social with the setup of our brand new Twitter and Facebook pages.
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Critical Thinking and the economy

Nobel prize-winning economists highlight the importance of careful thinking about data.
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Critical Thinking in India

Teaching Critical Thinking to teachers in India.
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