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Online Course Now Available

An online course in critical thinking with a business and management focus is now available. This course covers all the skills of critical thinking, with a wide range of business-related content for the examples and exercises.

In addition, the course provides:

  • Full assessment of each learner at every stage
  • Feedback on each exercise for all learners
  • The facility for those supervising the course to able to log in and check the progress of the learners

Over the past year, it has been used with MBA and MSc students at the University of Lancaster Management School, our lead customer. You can view a fully working sample of the course. Contact us for the web link and instructions in order to try it out.

Business & Other Organisations

Critical Thinking provides a very important set of skills for commercial and other organisations. If…then can provide staff training in Critical Thinking, producing bespoke courses to suit the needs of the organisation.

Such courses can deliver all of the following Critical Thinking skills:

  • Skills in clear thinking
  • Skills in creative thinking
  • Skills in analytical thinking
  • Skills in evaluative thinking
  • Skills in producing well-organised reports, proposals, policy statements, and so on

Decision-making is a particular area in which Critical Thinking can provide very useful skills. These are:

  • Clarification of the outcome to be achieved
  • Production of the range of choices
  • Selection of criteria to assess choices
  • Evaluation of the relevance of evidence in applying the criteria
  • Justifying the decision

Free Resources

If…then provides free resources in PDF form that businesses can use.

You can use the PDFs in a number of ways. These include the following:

  • to add to your knowledge of recent business and management evidence;
  • to develop/reinforce your skills in evaluating evidence that is relevant to business and management;
  • to provide discussion material for staff training in thinking critically.
  • See our Critical Thinking Tutorials page and download our free PDFs there.

    Organisations that are interested in discussing their training requirements should contact us for more details.

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