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Texas Republicans want to ban critical thinking

The Republican Party of Texas includes in its 2012 election campaign the opposition to critical thinking. ‘We oppose the teaching of…critical thinking skills and similar programs that…have the purpose of challenging the student’s fixed beliefs’. So fixed beliefs are good? …
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arguing is natural

A recent article in ‘New Scientist’ (‘The Argumentative Ape’, 26 May 2012) looks at the idea that humans have evolved as a species in which arguing (making a case) is an essential feature of the way in which we interact …
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online course in critical thinking for business

If…then will soon be offering a new online course in critical thinking. This will be geared especially to business and management users, whether these are in schools, colleges, and universities, or in companies and organisations. Details and sample material will …
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putting limits on the value of decision-making

Most congressional hearings in the US do not have a single female witness.
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free critical thinking resources

We shall soon be offering free downloadable resources on this website. These resources will be available for four different groups: those who are interested in using critical thinking in business and management, parents of primary school-age children, students (aged about …
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International Conference on Thinking, New Zealand, January 2013

Roy van den Brink-Budgen will be speaking at the International Conference on Thinking in Wellington, New Zealand, in January 2013. He will also be giving a masterclass on the subject of ‘critical and creative thinking’.